Political Strategic Management

At Excelsior Advisors, our Partners not only include a former New York State elected official, but as a whole we embody the experience to effectively operate on many political fronts. We accomplish this through our many working relationships with elected officials, government agencies, grassroots interest groups, businesses, property owners and the media. Our firm’s political engagements have many formats. These include:

Campaign Guidance:  Through a creative and strategic use of our established networks and knowledge background in a world of politics, our Partners have earned a reputation of managing and advising many meaningful, winning campaigns.

Grassroots Actions:  The heart of grassroots campaigns is centered around messaging. Done correctly it can be an effective tool in developing contacts and consensus between legislators, their voters, associations and businesses. Excelsior Advisors can assist in crafting and implementing compelling messages that influence perception in a careful and clear style.

Community Relations:  Excelsior Advisors' understanding of the details of community engagement provides our clients with a blueprint for community relations that includes in-depth analysis of a community where our client is planning a project, an investment or continuing existing operations with the advantage of our firm’s expertise.

Political Action Committees (PACs):  The firm assists clients with the establishment of a PAC fund, if one does not already exist. The firm also advises clients with established PAC funds on the rules and regulations of operating the fund, assists with financial reporting, and makes recommendations on how best to maximize PAC fund dollars.

Event Planning:  Successful event planning is detail oriented and time consuming. From press conferences to lobby days, business and educational seminars to media tours, Excelsior Advisors is accomplished at meeting our client’s needs.

Non-Profit Advocacy:  Excelsior Advisors has expertise of being a full-service government relations services firm that offers non-profit clients an advantage in managing the particular nuances of New York State’s inner working while advocating on your behalf.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: