Why Excelsior Advisors?

Excelsior Advisors Augments Success

An individually successful lobbying firm, with decades of experience in New York State politics, engaged a former Assembly member and New York State Department of Labor Commissioner, to build a strong multiethnic government relations team.  Their combined attributes, along with an existing and trusting interpersonal affiliation among the political multiethnic fabric of New York, places them ahead of the frame.

Excelsior Advisors is Among the Best Because We:

Excelsior Advisors is Among the Best Because We:

Excelsior Advisors - Operate as Albany Insiders

Operate As Albany Insiders

You might have heard the term but we embody what it means. If a client needs information or wants to pass on information or wants to make a policy connection, our firm gets it done. Our vast and diverse associations open up doors to achieve positive results.

Excelsior Advisors - Adapt Quickly and Accordingly

Adapt Quickly and Accordingly

To ensure continued successful outcomes, Excelsior Advisors strategizes our focus on achieving our client’s priorities by following and adjusting to the dynamics of relevant events. Just as the world adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adjust to the pandemic and all significant events to meet our client’s needs.

Excelsior Advisors - Stand for Credibility

Stand for Credibility

While the firm understands the importance of developing and maintaining close personal relationships between our clients and important representatives in New York State, we also embrace cutting edge technology in helping our clients deliver their message in the most effective and efficient manner.

Excelsior Advisors - Embody Strategic Success

Embody Strategic Planning

Our business plan is a proactive model which employs a collaborative approach with our clients. We take time to understand our client’s needs and use our firm’s resources to accomplish our mutual objectives. 

Excelsior Advisors - Position our Clients at the Forefront

Position Our Clients' Issues at the Forefront

On any given day in Albany, there are hundreds of organizations representing and vying for the attention of the Governor’s Office, Legislators and their staff. Excelsior Advisors specializes in developing a strong legislative identity for clients. We will work with you to build your visibility and viability to raise the level of awareness and understanding of your cause. 

Excelsior Advisors - Employ Rapid and Innovative Stakeholder Engagement

Employ Rapid and Innovative Stakeholder Engagement

Our team’s experience in achieving success is largely based on linking the right partners at the right time who trust the integrity of Excelsior Advisors' Partners in representing a client’s priorities. We have associations that allow our Partners to work with all segments of your industry, from the lead designee on an issue to outside experts to other lobbying firms who share your priorities.