Strategic Consulting and Crisis Management

Our aim at Excelsior Advisors is to work with our clients to create and implement a uniquely tailored strategic plan to help achieve your objectives. The Partners are experienced with handling contentious and difficult policy issues and responding by crafting innovative strategies, forming appropriate alliances, and influencing the legislative and budgetary processes. Our strategic plan will evolve as needed to incorporate new goals or circumstances.

One of the more complex areas of strategic consulting that Excelsior Advisors offers is when a client faces an unanticipated crisis. No matter the cause for the crisis, the reality remains that where you turn in times of crisis can make all the difference. The Partners will assess all potential problem areas and prepare a response to mitigate whatever might be at issue. While every crisis has its nuances, there are some basic tenants that we follow at Excelsior Advisors. These are:

  • Focusing on being prepared and controlling the narrative. The old adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” applies in all circumstances and particularly one involving a critical predicament. We believe in joining with our clients to deploy all the tools necessary to emphasize the positive reputation you earned; and
  • Reacting swiftly, logically and calmly when an emergency takes place. Whenever a crisis occurs immediate action must be taken. At Excelsior Advisors our client’s priorities are our priorities and this is no more evident than when an unexpected emergency happens. Our approach will be strategic and aggressive to provide our clients with the best approach for moving forward.

It is our goal at Excelsior Advisors to reverse what was once a concern and to recreate the narrative to one which highlights the qualities that made your organization a success.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: