Ethics Disclaimer

Excelsior Advisors corporate policy is that the affairs of the company are conducted at all times in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and according to the highest ethical and moral standards. All personnel are expected to act lawfully, in a professional manner, and with the utmost integrity in their dealings with Clients, advisers, public agencies, competitors, and the community, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the firm and our Clients.

All personnel understand that ethical conduct is a fundamental part of their duty. Ethical behavior in business, personal and community conduct extends beyond the duties imposed by laws or regulations and clearly includes:

  • Honesty and loyalty in dealings with the company, fellow employees, and Clients;
  • Careful avoidance of deceptive practices or dishonorable conduct;
  • Conformance to all rules and regulations applicable to lobbyists, as specified in: the Administrative Code of The City of New York (3-211-223), Local Law 15 (2006), Intro. 485, Rules of the City of New York Lobbying, and Amendment to Title 51 of the Rules of The City of New York, and any other New York City rules that may be applicable; and the New York State Lobbying Act created by Chapter 2 of the Laws of 1999, as amended by Chapter 32, Laws of 2003 and as amended most recently by Chapter 1, Laws of 2005.
  • Exercising sound business judgment while providing the highest possible standard of service to Clients;
  • Upholding fiduciary responsibility to Clients
  • Proper use of Firm and Client information, which is proprietary and confidential.
  • Avoidance of any conflict of interest, including full disclosure to all Clients of any and all potential conflicts
Excelsior Advisor’s policy is to comply fully with all relevant legislation and support the principle of equal employment opportunity to all employees regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or marital status.

Excelsior Advisors’ seeks to eliminate any barriers that may interfere with the achievement of this policy.