Procurement and Business Development

Excelsior Advisors is dedicated to meeting a client’s procurement and business development needs by identifying, creating and assisting in responding to opportunities. The Partners have assisted many clients obtain state funding for major economic development projects, tax incentives, and other state and local economic development assistance. Our firm:

  • Provides clients with timely reports of any potential opportunity, RFP, and/or activity by competing vendors important to a client’s objectives;
  • Assists clients in the identification of government contracting opportunities that meet and augment their existing business model;
  • Guides clients through the procurement processes – particularly restrictions on communications during the process – to support their success;
  • Aids clients in meeting vendor responsibility standards and keeping registrations up-to-date; and
  • Provides clients with awarded contracts to meet requirements such as Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) participation thresholds.

Excelsior Advisors focus on a client’s business needs goes well beyond assisting with the New York State procurement process. The firm advances our client’s interests - through the introduction of relevant decision makers across New York State - to relevant industries that may benefit from the products or services offered by our clients. Through our daily actions we promote our client’s contributions to New York State’s economy. Excelsior Advisors services also include:

  • Assisting in the development of a strategic business plan that ensures that the client can compete effectively for business within the State of New York;
  • Attending and representing the client at meetings with government officials, decision-making bodies and influential individuals and organizations with the client is not present;
    Advising on labor relations and community relations strategies; and
  • Providing counsel and compliance services with respect to the vast array of lobbying filings with the Joint Commission on Public Ethics and other local lobbying entities.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: