Stakeholder Engagement

Whether your objective lies with the New York State Legislature, the Governor, one of the many state agencies, the Attorney General’s office, the Office of State Comptroller, or a municipal entity, Excelsior Advisors provides stakeholder engagement at every level of Government. In doing so, Excelsior Advisors: 

  • Identifies and makes connections to other stakeholders involved in your particular area of interest can help amplify your message;
  • Has the foresight to identify possible uncertainties that could come from any organization, person or event that may oppose or create challenges to a project or client’s objective. Excelsior Advisors’ standard policy focuses on how to mitigate risks; and
  • Considers a client’s resources when engaging stakeholders and calculates political risks when developing a strategy prior to achieving an outcome.

A valuable option for engaging stakeholders could involve coalition building. Our purpose in coalition building would be to generate broad-based, often statewide, support for an issue or legislative initiative. One critical piece of our strategy is to help form relationships with third-party interest groups, individuals, local governments, businesses, and other stakeholders. These relationships – particularly those that align non-traditional allies for a common goal – can enhance credibility and broaden the appeal of an issue.  

An important point Excelsior Advisors would like to emphasize is that if stakeholders are not properly recognized and their concerns are not addressed, it is very likely that business operations or the project will become more costly, may incur delays, or worse.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: