Government Relations

We formed Excelsior Advisors to be a leading and unique combination of insider lobbyists, including a previous Member of the New York State Assembly and persuasive issues advocates who have decades of experience in and out of New York State government. When it comes to lobbying, being informed means not just knowing your issues, but also knowing your audience. Our comprehensive understanding of both public policy and politics translates into success for our clients. The firm has extensive experience in working with state lawmakers, policymakers and staff to obtain concrete solutions to issues affecting our clients. Our government relations services include:
  • Framing your issue and developing your objectives using the strongest possible perspective;
  • Acting on your behalf with negotiations and project management;
  • Anticipating and countering any opposing positions and reactions;
  • Developing strategic plans for the passage or defeat of legislation;
  • Providing access to key decision makers - both legislators and staff – and educating them on complex issues including innovative perspectives;
  • Assisting with the development of policy and outreach messages and materials;
  • Identifying potential partners and allies to form a coalition to help advance your issue and maximizing your leverage;
  • Advising and providing key points for testimony for committee hearings;
  • Connecting with individual elected officials to show how our clients impact their respective district and constituents;
  • Initiating and following up with rule adoption, amendment or rejection; and 
  • Providing a comprehensive analysis of the reality of your objectives and presenting an honest assessment as a respectful partner.
By forming Excelsior Advisors our individual talents enhance our reputations for effectiveness and integrity in representing our clients that benefits our clients exponentially. Our unique brand of government relations, advocacy, and communications enables us to execute a multi-faceted campaign to achieve our clients’ goals through timely and effective representation.  

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: