Media and Public Relations

Excelsior Advisors works closely with our clients to shape the right message for their target audiences. Our firm appreciates that many issues have the potential to gain traction through strategic utilization of the media and strong public relations. Our relationship with the Capital press corps, local reporters and editorial boards throughout New York State can be used to build momentum on issues and cultivate relationships between our clients and the press. Our firm’s media and public relations services include:

  • Message development and dissemination;
  • Long- & short-term public relations planning;
  • Drafting of press releases, Op-Eds, and Letters to the Editors;
  • Crisis Communications and Management; and
  • Community Outreach Campaigns.

The Partners recognize that our client’s reputation, profitability and long-term success can be constructively enhanced through strong and effective messaging.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: