Legislative and Regulation Monitoring

Excelsior Advisors is actively engaged in the Legislative process. During that time, the firm identifies bills and issues which may be of interest to a client, and subsequently provides the client with details of pertinent legislation and proposed regulations along with introductory memoranda and other related material. Among many activities related to the Legislative process, the firm: 

  • Monitors all legislative developments to identify opportunities and risks for our clients;
  • Informs our clients, based on experience and access to relevant stakeholders, about the likelihood of passage and/or amendment of a bill;
  • Shares all pertinent updates regarding Legislation previously flagged as important as it moves through the process;
  • Consults with a client, when appropriate, regarding written or oral testimony, position papers or reports to the New York State Legislature or state agency representatives;
  • Uses our relationships with legislative offices to coordinate optional lobby days from the initial planning through post-lobby day analysis;
  • Employs our access to the Executive to make the case for passage or veto of bills that reach the Governor’s desk.

In addition to legislative monitoring, Excelsior Advisors provides direction that impacts the state’s rulemaking process. The Partners work throughout the year with numerous government officials and staff monitoring their regulatory and administrative actions, presenting client proposals and representing clients at meetings. With respect to the New York State regulatory process, Excelsior Advisors: 

  • Advises clients of regulatory initiatives that might be relevant;
  • Conducts the necessary research, assesses the regulatory climate, and works on preparing comments on proposed regulatory language when necessary;
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement of regulations; and
  • Advocates for ways to make regulations work in a way that is beneficial for our clients.

Finally, throughout the year the Partners monitor news, press releases, the New York State Register, pertinent documents released by the Governor’s office, state agencies and the Legislature and relay important updates when appropriate. The firm informs our clients on the state budget, various government councils, policy workgroups and any news topics that are of interest.

The many services provided by Excelsior Advisors are often co-dependent and are subject to our client’s objectives.

Our Services Include: